Thai Boxing
Shutterstock / David Herraez Calzada

This is the second of two articles about kickboxing and Muay Thai, and why kickboxers don’t succeed in Muay Thai the same way Thai Boxers succeed in kickboxing. Last time we looked at kickboxers and their lack of success in Muay Thai, in this article we’ll look at why it’s not a two way street.

We looked last time at kickboxing, and how the tools and pace of kickboxing doesn’t adequately prepare you for Muay Thai competition. So, what about the Thai boxer, who chooses to swap to kickboxing? Why do they fare so much better, today we have Petpanomrung, Sittichai and Superbon who all left professional Muay Thai to pursue lucrative careers in kickboxing. Being the top fighters in their division with wins over all the best names. Not to mention the great Buakaw, one of the top 5 greatest kickboxers of all time, who did the same thing in the 2000’s.

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