Alex Pereira

Pereira has previous with Adesanya from their kickboxing days IMAGE: Getty

UFC 268 saw the debut of kickboxing star Alex Pereira. My first exposure to Pereira was his losing effort in Last Man Standing, an eight-man tournament held by Glory in 2014. Glory was fresh and new, and the tournament proved to be one of the organizations crowning achievements.

Alex Pereira was a young upstart from Brazil, which was then, and still is, slightly unusual in kickboxing. While there have been several prominent Kyokushin fighters from Brazil to make their name in kickboxing, the nation is far more associated with mixed martial arts and grappling competition. Alex Pereira had found some success in the organisation prior, enough to earn his spot in the tournament, but instead found himself in the first round against eventual tournament winner, Artem Levin.

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Verhoeven Kickboxing Win Glory Kickboxing

Rico the King of Kickboxing Verhoeven: Glory Kickboxing

In a brutal heavyweight battle, Glory kickboxing champion Rico Verhoeven retained his title via a grueling 4th round stoppage of Jamal Ben Saddik in the Netherlands Saturday. Saddik came in as a late replacement for Alistair Overeem having split two previous encounters with Verhoeven stopping him back in 2011 but losing by TKO in 2017.
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Glory kickboxing returned to the scene Saturday with a wild main event as Poland's Arkadiusz Wrzosek pulled off a miracle head kick knockout of Badr Hari in the 2nd round of their heavyweight contest from the Netherlands. Long a top fighter in the heavyweight ranks, Hari came out winging power shots from the start slipping to the canvas in the opening seconds after missing with a haymaker right hand.
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The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations was recognized along with five other organizations at the 138th session of the International Olympic Committee.

July 20th became a significant day in sport karate history last week, when WAKO received official recognition by the IOC. This is a major step in the right direction for a league that hopes to one day bring sport martial arts to the Olympics to join other art forms like Taekwondo and Judo. WAKO is predominantly based in Europe and is focused on kickboxing and point fighting, but their events consistently draw competitors from other continents and their forms and weapons participation has steadily increased in recent years. The recognition granted at the recent IOC meeting was specifically for the sport of kickboxing.

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