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Bruce Lee

This Thursday marks the 50th anniversary of the death of the most famous martial artist of all time, the legendary Bruce Lee, and his memory is being celebrated around the globe. From Vancouver to Hong Kong, where the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is honoring the city's favorite son through an exhibition and 5 day summer camp for children, the world is remembering the late martial arts icon.

Fans in the United States can remember Lee by visiting the Pico House museum in Los Angeles where a life-size sculpture of Lee executing his trademark sidekick has been unveiled. There are also a series of interactive street murals on display this month in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York commemorating Lee and his contribution to what became the Cinemax/HBO Max television show "Warrior." A commemorative book, "In My Own Process," featuring never before published writings by Lee and tributes from friends and students like Dan Inosanto, is also scheduled for limited release later this year.

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