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No Retreat No Surrender
No Retreat No Surrender / New World Pictures

Black Belt Theatre - Ribs and Ribs

For Westerner martial arts (MA) stars that got their break and made their name in Hong Kong (HK) kung fu films, no matter who the star, when they began making MA movies in America, their American productions’ fight choreography fell woefully short of their HK counterparts. No Retreat, No Surrender (NRNS; 1986) was a surprise trend reversal because it was a HK production company that came to the US to make an American karate film with mostly American actors that was directed by an A-1 Chinese action director, had a top-notch Chinese fight choreographer and starred a soon to be famous actor whose first bit role in 1984 was playing a gay martial artist in a cheap French film. I’m referring to Corey Yuen (Jackie Chan’s Beijing opera brother), choreographer Meng Hoi (Sammo Hung Stunt Team member and Cynthia Rothrock’s former beau) and Jean Claude van Damme (aka JCVD), respectfully. Yet the point behind NRNS is still being missed by many folks.
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