Templar Knights

Knights Templar charging with full speed

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Many of the past phenomena are surrounded by mystery, but none of them excites such amount of imagination as Knights Templar. The Templar name itself still inspires imagination, as some of the most interesting legends of Christendom are associated with Templars. From their gathering and modest beginnings in the Middle East, to their tragic end and the dissolution of the order in Paris.
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Toshio Fujiwara
Toshio Fujiwara. A name a lot of fight fans aren’t going to know. After all being a Japanese Champion in a niche sport from 50 years ago isn’t exactly priming you for fame. Fujiwara however is an important figure in a formative time in combat sports.
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Black & White

It's About More Than Belts and Uniforms, Part 2

Thomas "LaPuppet" Carroll, a student of African-American karate pioneer George Cofield and a noted tournament fighter on the East Coast, initially gained national prominence in 1968 when he became the first Black martial artist to make the cover of Black Belt (August issue)."It was a very big deal to us at the time," said Chaka Zulu, a fellow New York martial artist and friend of LaPuppet's. "The only time you ever saw an African-American in Black Belt back then, he was being beaten up by a white guy. The only position we could have in the martial arts world was as an uke."

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Korea's oldest combat techniques text to become national treasure

The Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea announced Friday that the Muyejebo (Muyechebo), the oldest surviving Korean martial arts manual, will be named a state-designated treasure. Currently held by the Suwon Hwaseong Museum in the city of Suwon, the Muyejebo dates from 1598 when it was compiled to instruct soldiers in the rudiments of combat.
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