Join Alvin Mathews, a Black Belt and Sensei founder of Kick-Box-Move Fitness. This program that has some great health benefits and rounds of fitness that include kicking, boxing, moving, and more. He's practiced martial arts for over 25 years and developed this program to keep him fit and fighting for life. At his age, he feels great, join this program so you can too!

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This will be a fun, interactive, dynamic and informational live demo where you will get to try a slice of Jungshin Fitness, honor your martial art instructors, and interact on topics including the power of a martial artist and being human the martial art way. If you choose to sign up for the teacher training after this live event, please use the coupon code EARTHWARRIOR at check out. We can't wait to meet you!

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Be prepared to participate in a 45-50 minute high intensity full body combat themed workout session with Darryn Melerine and Jordan Garrett. You will S W E A T!!!Optional Equipment: Jump Rope / Hand Weights / Resistance Band / Medicine Ball


Gabrielle Dunn, a world champion competitor and skilled cardio kickboxing instructor at Connecticut Martial Arts, with 10 years of experience training Muay Thai.


Resistance bands are a valuable piece of apparatus for those that do not want to use heavy gym equipment, or simply would prefer a more flexible option to complete a variety of different workouts and exercises.

The level of resistance you choose can simulate different weight categories, whilst they can also be used for mobility exercises. They are perfect to be used as workout bands.

In this article, we'll explain what a resistance band is, and the benefits associated with including them in your workouts.

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