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...Or At Least A Long & Healthy Martial Arts Career

Ok, let me start by saying this: I'm not yet at the age where my birthday candles outnumber the calories in my cake.

Heck, I still have a full head of hair in its proper place and the ability to touch my toes with ease.

Consider this simply a personal essay, a glimpse into my perspective on training for longevity. Whether you are young or already quite advanced in your years, you are likely reading this article because you love your craft, your martial art.

I've met martial artists who stepped away from teaching because they were discouraged by their aged body's inability to do what it once could. Thankfully, I've also met older martial artists who were capable of leaping into the air and landing with healthy joints, easily outperforming skills that athletic twenty year olds often still struggle with.

Even if you are currently injured or living an extremely sedentary lifestyle, please remember this one phrase: "Even if you can't do everything, you can still do something."

Don't. Stop. Moving.

No matter what, you are still going to keep growing older. It's up to you to take control of the direction your life is moving towards and to keep fine tuning the parts of your health that can easily degrade.

The first step? Tailor your training for long-term success!

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