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Martial Arts Injury

A sports injury in the narrow sense of meaning signifies the injury typical of a particular sports activity or a certain sport, according to its mode of occurrence and frequency. It is said that every injury that is typical of the sport in question, or the one that has happened in the sports field, is a sports injury from the legal point of view.

One of the simplest definitions is: "The injury is all the damage to the tissue suddenly generated in a certain, defined and limited time." From the medical point of view, sports injuries are the part of the traumatology field that deals with injuries, no matter how they occur and where they are. When it comes to sports injuries or damages, the implication is mostly of those caused by mechanical force. Mechanical forces, however, are not considered to be only externally acting, such as a kick of an object, an opponent's strike or a blow to the ground, but also they can be caused by the contractions of one's own muscles, such as - Achilles tendon rupture due to strong muscular soleus contraction.

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