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Dr. Craig's Martial Arts Movie Lounge

When I was reading Frank Herbert's Dune (1965) during a 1973, high school science fiction appreciation English class, it was a tough read. Yet one of the first books I read as a grad student in 1979 Taiwan, which was required reading in all Chinese schools, was Luo Guan-zhong's kung fu novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms (late 1300s; English version) and one of the first things that hit me was that the basic plot of Dune was similar.

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Black Belt Magazine TV is LIVE!

Black Belt Magazine Launches New Streaming Channel on Jungo Plu

Black Belt TV Features Iconic Action Films from Bruce Lee to Donnie Yen, Live Event Coverage, and Original Programming with Legends and Rising Stars in the Industry

Los Angeles, California (Nov. 15, 2021) – Global streaming media company JungoTV announced their partnership with Black Belt Magazine to launch Black Belt Magazine TV via Jungo Plus, a direct-to-consumer streaming video app delivering free, ad-supported live TV and video on demand content.

Black Belt Magazine TV is the new globally distributed digital channel that features the top masters, champions, influencers and movie stars in the martial arts. The channel features instruction, competition from around the world, exclusive original interviews with the biggest names and the biggest collection of top martial arts movies starring Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Cynthia Rothrock, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sammo Hung, Jet Li, Sho Kousgi and more.

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Bruce Lee Fists of Fury
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Dr. Craig's Martial Arts Movie Lounge

The first kung fu film I saw was in 1973, Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (aka Fists of Fury; 1971). Since then, I've accumulated 950+ martial arts movies from the '70s from 20 countries mostly on Betamax. Rather than list them from worst of the best to the best of the best, I preferred to present the films by the year they were made. There's good chance you haven't seen them all, yet they're out there somewhere. Happy hunting!
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Adrenaline Worldwide Launches Action Design Program

Adrenaline Worldwide launches a licensable curriculum featuring Hollywood stunt performers.

[Las Vegas, Nevada]: Adrenaline Worldwide today announced Adrenaline Action Design, a new program curriculum empowering instructors of all styles to teach the universal art of "Film Fu" or martial arts for the movies. Adrenaline Action Design is the latest upgrade program perfect for adding a creative, out of the box class to your curriculum and offers an unprecedented way for students to practice martial arts techniques as their favorite superheroes and action stars. This program specializes in the creation of engaging social media content to build leads and boost retention.

"When I was a child, I dreamed about being a superhero. I've spent the last decade living my dream! This program was created to help students achieve theirs," says Chris Brewster, Director of Adrenaline Action Design, Lead Stunt Double in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Daredevil.

With the goal of making this easy for any instructor to learn and teach, the curriculum includes:

  • Instructional videos from the world's best stunt performers
  • 48 lesson plans annually
  • Custom marketing assets
  • Access to AWTV
    • A CRM platform for student management
    • Thousands of bonus martial arts tutorials on top of the stunt curriculum content

Adrenaline Action Design is now available to qualifying studios. For more information on adding this program to your studio, visit https://adrenalineworldwide.com/action-design or email contact@adrenalineworldwide.com.

About Adrenaline Worldwide: Adrenaline Worldwide is the biggest performance martial arts platform in the world. With signed athletes internationally, Adrenaline produces live events and weekly, streamable extreme martial arts, tricking, and stunts content on their portal, AWTV. Content includes competitions, tutorials, and training videos from the best athletes in the sport allowing students of the game to watch, learn and enjoy content while taking their skills to the next level.

Official Poster: Chris Brewster x Adrenaline

Chris Brewster Adrenaline

Photo Courtesy: Adrenaline Worldwide

Title image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.