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Donnie Yen Raging Fire

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What would happen if a Hong Kong kung fu superstar had a yen to do a perfect Yen-do-Yen homage to one of his greatest fight scenes in order to make some yen, yuan and bucks, while honoring a Yuen and Chad Stahelski's John Wick films with a combo that unwittingly shares an uncannily grievous moment with Black Panther? As Fred in Scooby Doo would say, "Well gang, looks like we have a mystery to solve."
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Be Water
 and Enter the Fat Dragon

On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee passed away in Hong Kong. On July 20, 2020, in honor of his life and his profound effect on my life, I watched director Bao Nguyen's Be Water, an ESPN "30 for 30" film that covers his life, career and martial arts philosophy.

What separates Be Water from other Bruce Lee documentaries is the lack of narration. Instead, Nguyen provides insights via rarely seen videos and home movies; diary entries; letters to friends; and interviews with Lee's students, a former girlfriend, his daughter Shannon Lee, his brother Robert Lee and his widow Linda Lee Caldwell.

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Disney to Release Live-Action Mulan on Its Streaming Service

UPDATE: Watching Mulan will reportedly cost $29.95.

Disney has announced that Mulan, the live-action version of the studio's 1998 animated hit, will be available starting September 4, 2020, on its streaming service. The film had been scheduled for a theatrical release, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused Disney to postpone its debut.

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The son of Black Belt Hall of Famer Bow Sim Mark, Donnie Yen has entertained millions with his martial arts. We go one-on-one with the film icon.

Donnie Yen first appeared on my radar 25 years ago, when his name often graced the pages of martial arts periodicals. I learned that Donnie Yen, the son of Boston-based wushu pioneer and Black Belt Hall of Famer Bow Sim Mark, stood out from his peers because of his strong stances and aesthetic postures, which helped him dominate the competition at martial arts tournaments. In part because he longed to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen decided to try his hand at action films.

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