dave kovar

5 Keys to Long-Term Success, Part 1

As we all know, nothing in life, including success in your martial art, is guaranteed. However, with the right mindset and the right habits, you can stack the odds in your favor.

I have found that five habits are essential for long-term success. Although I've seen some people fail despite adhering to a few of these behaviors, I have never known anyone to succeed without them.

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5 Keys to Long-Term Success, Part 2

In the March/April 2020 issue of MASuccess, I discussed the first three keys to long-term success in the martial arts: Keep your center, value your relationships above all else and know where you're going. Here, I will cover the final two.

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Dave Kovar opened his first martial arts school in 1978; since then, he has taught over 35,000 students in the greater Sacramento area and has traveled the world leading instructor training colleges and business boot camps.

Kovar began training kenpo karate in his teens, and has since trained and achieved black belt or the equivalent rank in 10 styles. He founded Kovar's Satori Academy and Kovar Systems; he is still active as an instructor. His seminar features a blend of fitness and martial arts movements that can help improve anyone's style.