Benefits of Long-Term 
Student Contracts, Part 1
Photo Courtesy of Marcia D. Watters

The most prosperous school owners operate their businesses using student contracts. I’ve always referred to them as “contract schools” and to those that don’t as “month-to-month schools.”

I’ve spent much of my career operating a month-to-month school, which makes me far from an expert on contracts. However, I do recognize the value of using contracts, so I spoke with someone who is an expert in that field.

Marcia D. Watters, Esq., runs the business side of Mr. Jimmy’s White Tiger Martial Arts in Hagerstown, Maryland. Her husband Jimmy Smith does most of the teaching, and he steers clear of all things related to office management, leaving them to Watters, who is also a taekwondo master instructor at the school. She agreed to provide insight on the subject of contracts.

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