Jet Li

The Deep Thoughts of a Black Belt Hall of Famer

When Black Belt interviewed Jet Li about his hit movie The One, he revealed much about his personal philosophy. Although the film was released in 2001, Li's thoughts on the deeper facets of martial arts and life no doubt remain the same.

Situated atop a 40-foot-high, rickety catwalk, Jet Li looks like a puppet on a string as he prepares for one of Corey Yuen's action-directed stunts. Wires protrude from Li's body in four directions, and as Yuen bellows, "Action," a menagerie of Chinese stunt guys yank on them by leaping off 10-foot ladders or running back and forth in a controlled-chaos tug-of-war. Li and his opponent fly upward and then 60 feet backward in opposite directions. Then, as if being struck by invisible tennis rackets, the two fly back toward each other for their final clash of pugilistic mayhem. Who is Jet Li's opponent in this battle? None other than Jet Li.

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