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Josh Henges, a former national judo champion, used his world-class martial arts skills to thwart an attempted mugging Monday night. Henges was walking home in Kansas City, Mo. when a man grabbed him by the shoulder and stuck a gun in his back demanding his possessions.

Turning to face his assailant, Henges said he reacted instinctively disarming the man - who was later revealed to have only been holding a BB gun - taking the 20-year-old suspect to the ground and holding him there while he called the police. Henges said he's worked with at risk youth in the past and forgives the man who he hoped would get help.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Soul Fighters System. Bruno will focus on ground control concepts and attacks / defenses on the side control / North South position.

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It's now official. The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation has confirmed earlier reports that they will allow the use of heel hook and knee reaping techniques in no-gi competitions for brown and black belt divisions starting in 2021.

The news originally came to light after a post by IBJJF referee Thiago Stefanutti on a private Facebook group was leaked and reported by the website BJJ Eastern Europe. The IBJJF said there will be additional changes to their rules for the coming year including new specifications for gis.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu's Pan American Championships concluded in Kissimmee, FL Sunday with Fellipe Andrew defeating Gustavo Batista 3-0 on advantage points to claim the men's black belt openweight division. The Checkmat squad lead all teams with 9 medals among men's black belt competitors.

The women's black belt divisions saw the Atos team lead the way with six medals including teammates Luiza Monteiro and Rafaela Guedes, who both made the finals of the women's openweight class but chose not to compete against each other. The tournament was a bit more wide open this year with the Covid-19 pandemic keeping some of the top black belt competitors from attending.

It's being reported that the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will be making a long awaited change in their rules to allow the use of heel hooks and knee reaps in no-gi competition for brown and black belts. Though the change has not been officially announced, the website BJJ Eastern Europe cited a Facebook post by respected IBJJF referee Thiago Stefanutti saying heel hooks will be allowed starting in 2021.

However the site BJJ Heroes is reporting that other referees are claiming the rule change is still under discussion. Recent years have seen an increased popularity of leg lock techniques in other grappling competitions leading to a growing call among jiu-jitsu practitioners for their inclusion in IBJJF events.

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