Tactical Trainer Backpack & Tactical Gear Bag

Hard work requires tough gear, and a tough bag that can handle the wear and tear incurred from the rigors of hard work can make all the difference. The Tactical Trainer Backpack from Century Martial Arts may be just a backpack, but it's tougher than any other backpack you'll find.

As a smart martial artist, you don't need to waste your time or money acquiring a pack that will fall apart at the first sign of hard work like an intern making that first coffee run. In short, you need a well-made pack with useful features and components. Durable canvas, D-ring supports, reinforced handle — you get the idea.

You also need a gear bag that will handle tough work and make things a little easier — if not less challenging — when you need to haul equipment to your training area. Don't settle. The Tactical Gear Bag, also from Century Martial Arts, is made of the same durable canvas as its compact counterpart, and the storage area is bolstered with flexible mesh subdividers — which means "tough" is taken care of. The easy part comes next: This gear bag comes with secondary support straps that allow it to quickly and easily convert into a rucksack. Pack the bag and get after it — no excuses!

Tactical Trainer Backpack and Tactical Gear Bag sold separately.

For more information, contact a Century customer-service representative at (800) 626-2787 or visit CenturyMartialArts.com.

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