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Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 5 (DVD)


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Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 5 (DVD)

The legendary death touch: revealed!

In the final installment of his five-DVD set, Wing Chun Kung Fu, grandmaster William Cheung reveals advanced wing chun techniques and offers an introduction to the storied dim mak, or “death touch.” The DVD also covers wing chun fighting strategy, grappling defense and weapon defense.

As a student of Yip Man and training partner to Bruce Lee, William Cheung spent years mastering the wing chun system of kung fu. Today, he travels the world as a martial arts teacher. In addition to mastering kung fu, William Cheung is also a master of Chinese medicine and chi meditation. In this volume, William Cheung covers advanced chi meditation and applications.

From the death touch to chi meditation, wing chun kung fu is a complete art; Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 5 will aid you on your journey toward kung fu mastery. 60 min.)


Item No. BBE7879