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Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 3 (DVD)


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Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 3 (DVD)

If you can’t find a sparring partner, the kung fu wooden dummy is the next best thing.

Sometimes called the muk yan jong, or “wooden man post,” the wooden dummy has long aided kung fu warriors in their training. If you have a wooden dummy at your disposal, you can train at any hour without the aid of a partner. Ideal for training, the wooden dummy can help you hone your kung fu skills.

In volume 3 of grandmaster William Cheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu DVD series, the Black Belt Hall of Fame member demonstrates how to properly train with a wooden dummy.

William Cheung—a lifelong friend and training partner to Bruce Lee—is the current grandmaster of the wing chun system of kung fu. His six-DVD set covers beginning to intermediate and advanced wing chun maneuvers.

Sharpen your kung fu skills at any hour with this informative DVD. 59 min.


Item No. BBE7859