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Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 2 (DVD)


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Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 2 (DVD)

Sharpen your reflexes and tune in to your opponents with chi sao.

With chi sao (sticky hands), you’ll learn how to intentionally stick to an opponent. By maintaining contact with your opponent’s forearms, you’ll be able to read his next move by sensing changes in pressure and momentum. With enough practice, you’ll develop automatic reflexes that will give you an advantage while sparring or fighting.

As a student of Yip Man and a training partner to Bruce Lee, William Cheung became a master of wing chun kung fu. In Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 2, grandmaster William Cheung demonstrates one-armed and two-armed chi sao techniques and applications. This DVD also covers the bil jee form and applications.

Beat your opponent to the punch by mastering chi sao with this exciting DVD. (Approx. 58 min.)


Item No. BBE7849