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Ultimate Conditioning Volume 1: Strikers


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Ultimate Conditioning Volume 1: Strikers

By Scott Sonnon It takes hard-core training to get hard-core results.

In addition to serving as the U.S. National Sambo Team coach and a top-level referee, Scott Sonnon is a multi-sport national and international champion. As the first American to study behind the Iron Curtain with the USSR’s national and Olympic coaches, he earned the Honourable Master of Sport diploma. In the 1990s, he was appointed chairman for establishing the rule structure for sambo’s mixed-martial arts competition. Scott Sonnon has trained Alberto Crane, Elvis Sinosic, Jorge Rivera and Egan Inoue. He’s also worked as a training adviser for the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, the U.S. Army Combatives School, Italian counterterrorism units, Australian law-enforcement personnel, Russian and Israeli special forces, the Norwegian military security forces, and the Office of Air and Marine.

Ultimate Conditioning Volume 1: Strikers includes a structured selection of guided workouts using body weight, kettlebells, medicine balls and Scott Sonnon’s own Clubbell to improve strength and endurance. Regardless of your martial art, you’ll find drills to develop hard-hitting strikes on this training DVD.

Ultimate Conditioning Volume 1: Strikers is the perfect way to condition your body and strengthen your strikes.
(Approx. 50 min.)


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