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Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun Volume 1: Choy Li Fut Challenge


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Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun Volume 1: Choy Li Fut Challenge

Learn the street fighting styles of grandmaster William Cheung—longtime friend and training partner of Bruce Lee.

Grandmaster William Cheung tells the story of a Hong Kong bare-knuckle rooftop challenge against a choy li fut practitioner in 1956. The high-profile match put Grandmaster William Cheung’s reputation on the line. In Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun, Volume 1: Choy Li Fut Challenge, grandmaster William Cheung deconstructs the wing chun techniques used to survive some of his most dangerous street fights in this DVD. The topics covered include:

  • fighting strategies
  • observing one’s opponent
  • the differences between choy li fut and wing chun techniques
  • controlling the lead elbow from the blind side
  • footwork and much more

Grandmaster William Cheung is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member and has trained since the age of 10 with the legendary Yip Man. From his headquarters in Australia, grandmaster William Cheung now operates a worldwide network of instructors and students interested in learning wing chun techniques. He is also an expert in meridians, pressure points and meditation dealing with internal energies. Today, his programs for sports injuries and stress-related illnesses are highly sought across the globe.
(Approx. 90 min.)


Item No. BBE9629