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Stay in the Fight: Martial Arts Guide


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Teaching martial arts practitioners how to maintain and extend their athletic career in a healthy, proactive, and positive way, this engaging guide provides a comprehensive blueprint for health and healing. Divided into five distinct sections, all essential concepts regarding a fighter’s well-being are covered. From the probability of injury and the important dos and don’ts to the value of knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, this overview also explores a holistic approach, reviewing the concept of recovery—bridging the gap between physical therapy and athletic training. Illustrating how to maintain a positive mental attitude, this survey demonstrates how a martial artist’s inspiration and perseverance are key to overcoming obstacles. This manual also addresses the issues of martial career shift, when a practitioner cannot return to training due to severe injuries or natural aging. Each chapter contains a companion “fightsheet,” which together comprise a customized and well-rounded


Item No. BBE511