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Small-Circle Jujitsu Volume 1 (DVD)


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Small-Circle Jujitsu Volume 1 (DVD)

Learn professor Wally Jay’s unique small-circle jujitsu self-defense techniques in this DVD.

A Black Belt Hall of Fame member, professor Wally Jay is one of the few martial artists to develop a theory of fighting and incorporate it into his system. In Small-Circle Jujitsu Volume 1, Professor Wally Jay demonstrates the 10 basic principles of small-circle jujitsu, provides an explanation of finger, wrist and joint locking, and discusses how these self-defense techniques are executed. This jujitsu DVD also includes an overview of his unique system and martial arts techniques.

Professor Wally Jay is a 10th dan in jujitsu whose mentor was Juan Gomez. He is also a sixth dan in judo under Ken Kawachi. (Approx. 40 min.)


Item No. BBE4089