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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu: Snake Form (DVD)


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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu: Snake Form (DVD)

Master the grappling techniques and the deadly strikes of Shaolin kung fu’s natural ground fighter: the snake.

Snake form requires you to use every muscle to push, slide, penetrate warp and eventually control the opponent. Its techniques focus on strengthening your legs, full-body awareness and heightened sensitivity. Snake form exercises and drills enhance speed, power and striking precision with the “snake hand.”

The “snake hand” is the primary martial art technique in this form, includes all four fingers extended like a spear. Sequences taught on this kung fu DVD also include how to and strike your opponent’s throat or another vital area with the “snake hand.”

This kung fu DVD, features Steve DeMasco—an honorary ambassador of the Shaolin Temple—as he guides you through these rare techniques taught by Shaolin warrior monks.
(Approx. 52 min.)


Item No. BBE8359