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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu: Leopard Form (DVD)


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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu: Leopard Form (DVD)

Explore the explosive power of the leopard form—one of the five main animal styles of Shaolin kung fu.

The leopard-form practitioner is the ultimate strategic fighter. He observes, calculates and executes his attacks with stealth and speed.

The key to this form is the “leopard fist.” Using the second knuckle of the four fingers, the leopard fist curls the fingers to make the hand rigid and strong. Because the knuckles form a smaller surface area, the leopard fist allows you to strike soft targets, such as the neck, spine, armpits and temples, as well as pressure points on the legs or between the ribs.

In this volume of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu, Steve DeMasco—an honorary ambassador of the Shaolin Temple—shares these rare leopard techniques taught by Shaolin warrior monks.
(Approx. 52 min.)


Item No. BBE8369