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Shaolin Chuan Fa Part 2 (DVD)


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Learn the authentic martial arts techniques of chuan fa with Black Belt Hall of Fame member Steve DeMasco.

Since 1997, Steve DeMasco has journeyed to China every year to train with some of the most famous Chinese grandmasters in the Shaolin arts. Now you can learn these martial arts techniques from the master himself with this DVD.
This volume includes the following topics:

  • Shaolin animal martial arts techniques with full explanation
  • exercises practiced by the original Shaolin monks
  • in-depth interviews with Steve DeMasco recounting his life, training and experiences

Steve DeMasco—a 10th-degree black belt in Shaolin kempo— also serves as the United States’ cultural ambassador for Shaolin martial arts in China. (Approx. 43 min.)


Item No. BBE9539