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Samurai Swordsmanship - Volume 3: Advanced Sword Program


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Samurai Swordsmanship - Volume 3: Advanced Sword Program

“Ichi-go, ichi-e! One encounter, one chance!” This is the pre-eminent principle that is at the core of a samurai’s life.

In Samurai Swordsmanship - Volume 3: Advanced Sword Program, master Masayuki Shimabukuro guides you beyond the physical technique and opens the door to self-mastery through the use of the samurai sword. This martial arts DVD demonstrates master-level techniques, which includes a collection of the most effective and proven fighting methods spanning from the feudal to the modern eras. Black Belt Hall of Fam member Masayuki Shimabukuro—along with his senior student Carl E. Long—illustrate in-depth fighting techniques perfected by Japan’s ancient warrior class this martial arts DVD.
This volume also includes:

  • advanced concepts
  • interviews with both instructors
  • mat cutting
  • forms
  • uniform care
  • sword etiquette
  • cleaning your weapon
  • thrusts
  • drawing and sheathing the sword and much more

From a young age, Masayuki Shimabukuro studied judo, karate-do, Okinawan kobudo weapons and other traditional Japanese martial arts techniques before focusing his attention to the Samurai swordsmanship. In 1975, Masayuki Shimabukuro began his sword training under the supervision of Miura Takeyuki Hidefusa, 20th generation grandmaster of muso jikiden eishin-ryu in Osaka, Japan. When Masayuki Shimabukuro was appointed Kokusai Bucho (International Chairman) of the Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-kai, he made it his mission to spread the martial arts techniques of authentic eishin-ryu samurai swordsmanship all over the world.
(Approx. 60 minutes)


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