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Ninja Vol. 3: Warrior Path of Togakure


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By Stephen K. Hayes

“The warrior way is an all-consuming, all-illuminating, lifelong commitment that will tolerate no diversions.”—Stephen K. Hayes

Stephen K. Hayes, the Western world’s foremost authority on ninjutsu, has dedicated his life to the perfection of the ninja arts. As a true enlightenment warrior, he has traversed the globe in search of wisdom and martial perfection. In Ninja Vol. 3: Warrior Path of Togakure, Stephen K. Hayes takes you on a journey to Togakure Mountain, the source of his ancient art.. He retells the history of togakure ryu and addresses how one might embrace the path of the warrior in the modern world.

A spiritual lifestyle can only be attained after confronting the physical dangers of daily life and the fear they generate. In this volume, Stephen K. Hayes reveals how to defend yourself from sticks, swords, knives and more. Learn how to move silently like a ninja and escape from choke holds using a shuriken.

In Ninja Vol. 3: Warrior Path of Togakure, Stephen K. Hayes demystifies ninjutsu’s seemingly magical techniques and discusses the all-encompassing path of the warrior. 144 pages


Item No. BBE427