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Ninja: Invisible Assassins


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Ninja: Invisible Assassins

By Andrew Adams
The secret history of the ninja is finally revealed.

During the 1980s, the ninja invaded pop culture and became a shadowy yet omnipresent force in the West. Before this, we knew little about ninja; it was their job to remain invisible. Ninja: Invisible Assassins, predating the ninja’s rise to cultural prominence, was one of the first books to expose English speakers to the secret history of ninjutsu.

In this volume, Andrew Adams unearths the ninja’s history and explores such subjects as the ninja’s arsenal, espionage, poison concoction and the quintessential trait of the ninja: invisibility. Ninja: Invisible Assassins transcends time, dispels urban myths and explores all facets of ninjutsu—from its origin to its practice in the present day.

Ninja: Invisible Assassins is a vital reference filled with fascinating, real-life tales of ninja lore. 192 pages


Item No. BBE302