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Karate Volume 5


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Karate Volume 5
By Fumio Demura Sharpen your martial arts techniques with this advanced karate DVD.

In this karate DVD, two-time Black Belt Hall of Fame member Fumio Demura teaches you how to develop bigger, better and more powerful kicking techniques, along with improving your martial art skills. Fumio Demura—a seventh dan in karate and fifth dan in kobudo—also teaches you challenging black-belt-level drills and stimulating self-defense techniques.

This karate DVD also covers advancedkata, including:

  • naifanchin san dan
  • seienshin, aoyagi
  • aoyagi
  • seipai
  • juroku

Learn self-defense technique and improve your confidence and health with this karate DVD. (Approx. 60 min.)


Item No. BBE7119