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Karate Volume 4


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Karate Volume 4
By Fumio Demura

Advance your martial art training and learn the challenging and stimulating art of karate.
Karate is a self-defense system and sport that any one can practice, regardless of size, age or gender. Now you can learn the martial art techniques that millions of people practice all over the world as Black Belt Hall of Fame member Fumio Demura guides you in this DVD.

In this karate DVD, Fumio Demura—a seventh dan in karate and fifth dan in kobudo— teaches you special breathing exercises, and sparring drills, includingunsoku, bunkai and oyo. This DVD also features black-belt level kata, such as:

  • naifanchin nidan
  • join
  • niseishi (nijushi ho)
  • wanshu (empi)
  • kusankui dai (kosukun dai)
  • wankan
(Approx. 60 min.)


Item No. BBE6099