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Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 3 (DVD)


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Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 3 (DVD) by Takayuki Kubota

Takayuki Kubota is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the founder and grandmaster of the International Karate Association. Takayuki Kubota has taught karate, taiho-jutso and self-defense techniques at the Kamata Police Station in Japan. Takayuki Kubota has also demonstrated martial arts techniques to police and FBI personnel in California.

Takayuki Kubota’s art, gosoku-ryu, is a very powerful and practical self-defense system that incorporates judo, karate and jujutsu techniques. Learn these martial arts techniques in this karate DVD from the man who has trained some of the finest military and law-enforcement personnel in the world.

In this karate DVD, you’ll learn the following:

  • cane techniques (attack and defense drills)
  • kata and applications
  • keibo jitsu waza (staff techniques)
  • attack and defense drills with the staff
  • tonfa (side-handle baton) attack and defense drills
  • police baton techniques and applications

(Approx. 59 min.)


Item No. BBE8399