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Aiki-Do Volume 1 (DVD)


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Aiki-Do Volume 1 (DVD)

by Sam Combes

Aikido—founded by Japanese grandmaster Morihei Uyeshiba—is considered by many to be the most humane of all martial arts.

Aikido consists of the following:

  • joint locks
  • pressure points
  • leverage
  • balance
  • throwing techniques that require minimum effort and yield maximum results

On this aikido DVD, you’ll learn effective aikido moves from sensei Sam Combes, a retired police officer who holds a sixth-dan black belt from the Yoshinkai Aikido Institute in Japan. It also includes aikido’s basic stances, proper falling, drills, vital aikido techniques, exercises to make your body supple, kihon, ki and more.

In the complete five-volume aikido martial arts DVD series, sensei Sam Combes also will teach you kata, self-defense techniques, aikido moves and weapons techniques—the cornerstone of this highly effective ancient art.

(Approx. 60 min.)


Item No. BBE7939