Join 22x Sport Karate World Champion Josh Quartin as he breaks down foundational sword cuts and extreme tricks. Josh used these skills to claim two ISKA titles in his career and is now a respected instructor for Victory Martial Arts.

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Don Rodrigues and Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

Two Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famers join Jackson in this episode as iconic Team Paul Mitchell Coach Don Rodrigues and legendary competitor Christine Bannon-Rodrigues talk all things sport karate. Hear some Paul Mitchell stories that have never been told before and so much more in Episode 45.

Film Study with Jackson Volume 3

Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer Jackson Rudolph reviews some of his favorite forms that he mentioned all the way back in episode 3 of his podcast, before videos were included. Enjoy these classic sport karate performances from the early 2000's through the 2010's!

Alex Reyes

Alex Reyes is the founder of Point Fighter Live and is involved in other successful endeavors like Team Dojo Elite - Power's professional sport karate team and the new Pro Point promotion. Tune in to this episode to hear some of his story from his father training with Ed Parker to coaching some of the world's top fighters!

Herb Perez

1992 Olympic Tae Kwon Do Gold Medalist Herb Perez joins Jackson to discuss his Olympic journey, being on the set of WMAC Masters, the state of Tae Kwon Do today, and his take on Sport Karate! Tune in for some unique stories that have never been told before.

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