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Joseph Bein
Photo Courtesy: Joseph Bein via Facebook

After years of success with numerous individual and demo team accolades under the leadership of Mike Welch, veteran Team Infinity member Joseph Bein will now take over as head coach. Welch and other key role players at Infinity Martial Arts decided to shift their focus to the franchise and lift the brand to another level from a business standpoint after attending Adam Kifer's Relentless Membership Summit last weekend. Bein inherits a squad that fields a world championship-caliber demo team and has a strong core of star competitors including Connor Chasteen, Alex Riggs, Will Nevitt, Noell Jellison, Diego Rodriguez-Florez, Sofia Rodriguez-Florez, and Alyss Groce who are all currently ranked by the Black Belt Magazine Rankings.

Bein has coached InfiniTeam, Infinity's developmental team, for several years and has worked heavily in networking and recruitment for Team Infinity during that time, which is why Welch entrusted Bein with the head coach position. When asked about what it meant to him to be the coach of Team Infinity, Bein told Black Belt: "I've made some of my best friends, had the greatest experiences and even fallen in love, a couple times now for those of you who are keeping track, all through my time with Team Infinity. My biggest goal moving forward is to give everyone on this team the best experience during their time here."

Team Infinity is truly one of the best teams in sport karate, and their members are certain to be a mainstay in the finals of world tour tournaments in the upcoming season. To learn more about Team Infinity and other major teams in sport karate, check out Black Belt Magazine's listing of major sport karate teams by clicking here.

Team Full Circle
Photo Courtesy: Champion's Channel / Pan American Internationals

The North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) world tour closed out their in-person series of events for this year with the Pan American Internationals in Miami, Florida, promoted by renowned Kenpo grandmaster Manny Reyes. A number of divisions had world championships on the line as competitors tried to accumulate as many points as possible to win a NASKA title. We also saw a reunion of one of the sport's most respected teams in recent memory. Keep reading to find out how it all went down.

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Ariel Torres
Photo Courtesy: Ariel Torres

Ariel Torres, who recently claimed the United States' first Olympic medal in Karate with a bronze in Tokyo, has won his second consecutive Pan American Championship. Torres spent the years leading up to the pandemic dominating the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) world tour representing Team Revolution. After winning every major title in open sport karate competition including the AKA Warrior Cup, ISKA U.S. Open, and the Diamond Nationals, Torres has almost entirely shifted his focus to the World Karate Federation (WKF).

Joining Torres on the medal stand at the Pan American Championships in Uruguay was fellow American karateka Gakuji Tozaki, who claimed silver. Tozaki and Torres currently hold the 9th and 11th positions in the WKF male kata rankings, making them the highest-ranking Americans in the world.

Photo Courtesy: Carmichael Simon

Tension pulls from within the soul, excitement evaporates throughout the body, and spirituality flows through hundreds of Martial Arts Trickers patiently awaiting the battle of the year. As cameramen step on the spring floor, an elite group of East Coast decorative sport karate champions gain sight on their flamboyant West Coast opponents. We are at Loopkicks 2005 in San Jose, California.

Loopkicks is the cornerstone for global martial arts tricking. Since the new millennium, annual gatherings of international movement lifestyle practitioners would train, educate, and showcase their talent, however on this night a generation of XiaolinGruv Munks would begin their journey to become some of the most influential stunt and dance choreographers within the Film and Entertainment industry.

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