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Join 22x Sport Karate World Champion Josh Quartin as he breaks down foundational sword cuts and extreme tricks. Josh used these skills to claim two ISKA titles in his career and is now a respected instructor for Victory Martial Arts.

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Bailey Murphy is one of the top point fighters in the world today, having won eight overall grand championships in his first two seasons as an adult. Join him to learn some of his secrets to success!


In this seminar, enjoy a rebroadcast of a session with defending ISKA weapons world champion Jackson Rudolph courtesy of our friends at Century Martial Arts! Jackson is known for his bo routines that combine powerful traditional striking and innovative release techniques for demonstration and competitive purposes.

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Renowned sport karate competitor and Glory Kickboxing 2019 Knockout of the Year winner Ross Levine breaks down a variety of kickboxing drills and skills in this live seminar.

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Is it when you spar? Enter a tournament?
Is it more personal, like public speaking?
Or does fear appears in other areas like worrying about your family, or current politics, how about public safety?
By learning how to use fear as your personal fuel, it can help you manage stress, overcome self-doubt, take action, and much more. When you make fear work for you, you become a better person, partner, parent and professional.
This short talk could literally help you change your relationship with fear.

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