Smith Submits Spann in UFC Fight Night Main Event

Light heavyweight mainstay Anthony Smith posted another solid performance Saturday night submitting Ryan Spann in the first round of the main event at UFC Fight Night 192 from Las Vegas.

Spann managed to get behind Smith early on attempting to lift him off his feet but the veteran was able to avoid the takedown and break free. Trying to press his advantage, Spann went on the attack with punches but ran into a left hook that dropped him. Smith followed him to the mat and went for an armbar but Spann rolled out of it as the two fighters regained their feet.

Smith immediately wobbled his opponent with another left hook, then dropped him again with a big right hand. As Spann went to his hands and knees Smith got behind him sinking both hooks in and flattening Spann out to his belly. Spann fought back to his hands and knees only to be flattened out once more. He fought back up to hands and knees one last time but as he did he left his neck exposed and Smith immediately sank in a rear choke for the quick submission victory

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