Plans to Make Bruce Lee's Silent Flute into a Series

Bruce Lee Silent Flute

Entrepreneur Jason Kothari has acquired the rights to The Silent Flute, a movie script co-written by Bruce Lee which Lee biographer Matthew Polly has described as "the most ambitious and avant-garde kung fu screenplay ever written." Kothari plans to adapt the idea into a limited series.

Lee originally created the script along with his students, screenwriter Stirling Silliphant and actor James Coburn, to be his first major role in Hollywood films, though Coburn was to star as the hero who goes on a mystical journey to acquire "the Bible of Martial Arts." The movie Circle of Iron, starring David Carradine and loosely based on The Silent Flute, was made into a film several years after Lee's death but proved a critical and commercial failure.

Kothari, who previously owned the comic book company Valiant Entertainment, has hired screenwriter John Fusco to serve as writer and executive producer. Fusco is a long-time martial artist and practitioner of Lee's jeet kune do style who created the Netflix series Marco Polo and wrote the screenplay for the Jackie Chan/Jet Li film The Forbidden Kingdom.

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