Judo Blog: 2nd Annual Shoshinkan Kosen Judo Tournament in Vegas

Kozen Judo
Gary Goltz

The 2nd Annual National Kosen Shoshinkan Tournament was held this weekend with the support of Gary Goltz and his crew of referees; OJ, John, Renato and Cheryl. Chris Sakoda also stopped by to lend his refereeing expertise. Raimundo Marquez IV was also in attendance supporting the memory of his father Raimundo Marquez III, to whom the tournament is dedicated.

Attendees competed well displaying both excellent tachi waza and the gritty ne waza for which kosen style judo is known. The tournament's success was due to the behind the scenes work of the members of the Shoshinkan Las Vegas, the referees, and all the courageous competitors. We will endeavor to persevere and continue to build Judo in Las Vegas and the nation.

Thank you all and see you next year in March for KST #3!

David O'Donnell, Director Shoshinkan Las Vegas & President Nevada Judo Association

The first Kosen Judo Event held by the Shoshinkan Dojo a 501c3 corporation was last May.

Comments from Jerome Jeannest

How did David O'Donnell come up with the idea? Dave has lived in Japan for a short while as a teen where he worked on his Judo, Aikido and Karate journey. Embracing the culture and a Wonderful Country that is embracing various martial arts, understanding that one art completes another. Martial Arts doesn't divide, it unites. What happens here is that politics, special interests and a thirst for glory is overshadowing the beauty of martial arts.

Unity was the spirit of the Kosen Judo Tournament that took place last Saturday, friendship, love of the arts and rejoice from being kept away from full-contact sports for over a Year of hardship all around the World. I remember Dave speaking to me after returning from the Judo Winter Nationals®, about the fact that coaches and some referees were nostalgic of the original rules of Judo, resembling more of Kosen-Judo than what is Judo now. Inspired to bring back newaza focus into Judo.


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Gary Goltz

Gary Goltz

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