Danish TV Greenlights Shaolin Reality Show

Shutterstock / gnoparus
The government-owned Danish subscription television station TV 2 has partnered with French media company Banijay to broadcast a new reality series called "Shaolin Warrior Monk." Banijay's production arm in Denmark, Metronome, will bring in Danish celebrities to train in the art of Shaolin kung fu at a temple in China. The celebrities will learn from authentic Shaolin masters while taking on various challenges described as both physical and philosophical.

The Shaolin Monastery is a Buddhist temple that originally formed in Dengfeng, China more than 1000 years ago which became famous as home to a subset of monks known for their fighting skills. With the growing popularity of kung fu internationally, in recent years they've turned into a burgeoning commercial enterprise with additional temples, some officially associated with the original and some not, having sprung up across the world. It's so far unclear whether the original temple in Dengfeng is participating in the upcoming reality series.

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