Bruce Lee's Daughter Responds to Latest Tarantino Criticism

Bruce Lee Critic

Shannon Lee, the daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, penned a scathing guest column for the Hollywood Reporter in response to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino's latest criticism of her father. Tarantino, whose movie "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood," included a scene where an arrogant Bruce Lee character is tossed around by fictional stuntman Cliff Booth, recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast defending his negative portrayal of the martial arts icon.

Shannon Lee said she was tired of white men in Hollywood explaining her father saying they can't fathom what it was like for a Chinese man to get work in movies in the 1960s and that people mistook his confidence and passion for hubris. Among his criticisms, Tarantino told Rogan Lee would regularly abuse stuntmen on the Green Hornet TV show and cited Matthew Polly's comprehensive biography of Lee, "Bruce Lee: A Life," as a source. Polly subsequently tweeted he did not write that Lee disrespected stuntmen but rather that Lee had a different, more realistic approach to fight choreography which led to some of the stuntmen being hurt.

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