Seven-Year-Old Dies After Repeated Judo Throws

Seven Year Old Judo Death

A seven-year-old Taiwanese boy, who had been in a coma since April after being thrown more than 20 times in a judo class by his coach and older students, has died after being taken off life support. As reported back in April, the boy, whose surname was Huang, was a new student in the class and after being repeatedly thrown, complained he was hurt but was then thrown several more times by the instructor before falling unconscious.

The teacher, identified only by the name Ho, had not been licensed by the Chinese Taipei Judo Federation as an instructor. Though currently out on bail, he's been indicted on charges of causing bodily injury and using children to commit a crime. He now may face additional charges of "injury causing death" which can carry a penalty of from seven years to life in prison. The incident was reportedly filmed by the boy's uncle who attended the class but failed to intervene.

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