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Man has been a part of fighting and battles since his very beginning. His movements are natural- atavistic reactions similar to those of animals with the primal goal to survive and self- preserve. This is why we can conclude with certainty that fighting is as old as the human race. Fighting and battles will follow man later on throughout his life and in all of his stages as well as various areas of expertise.
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How to protect yourself during a riot

Antifa riots, BLM riots, spring break riots in Miami, riots in Cuba, anti-vaccine passport riots across Europe, South Africa riots, and tomorrow's forecast is going to be more of the same – riots.

How would you protect yourself if you got caught in the middle of a riot where rocks and bottles are being thrown at you? If you're a member of a riot police unit, or perhaps a National Guard soldier quelling unrest, you're going to use an ancient Roman army foot formation called the Testudo, "tortoise," which is a formation where the front row of police officers or soldiers have their riot shields facing the rioters, while the following rows have their shields above their heads to create a protective "roof" against objects raining down upon them. This technique is still taught to riot units worldwide, along with other ancient battle formations.

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Photos Courtesy of Patrick Vuong

Slicing Through the Myths That Surround Edged-Weapon Defense!

No matter which category a particular system belongs to — traditional martial arts, reality-based self-defense, modern combatives — almost all instructors of those systems teach methods for stopping a blade-wielding psycho. Or at least they think they do. Before you start sending me hate mail and planning a cancel campaign, let me explain.

You see, almost all knife-defense techniques work great in theory. They also work on a compliant student in the safe confines of the dojo. But when applied in a life-or-death situation, many of them amount to responses that I like to call "death by martial arts myth."

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Let's say you run a small loan-sharking enterprise. Nothing big — you've got a territory of three to four city blocks.

Having such a small space, welshers, or those who don't pay back, can really eat into your profit margin. Money isn't free, and those who come to you agree to your off-the-books terms. If they welsh, you have no recourse to legal action: no garnishing of wages, no extended court wrangling. All you have recourse to is …Option A: Chalk it up in the loss column.

Option B: Enforce the debt. That is, collect and/or encourage a "payment plan."

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