Official Release: Willie "The BAM" Johnson, the seven-time Karate and Kung-Fu world champion and two-time All-American champion is introducing a new film. The film, entitled 1 Out of 100 is written by Mr. Johnson.

This new film stars Mr. Johnson's sons Marshieh Johnson and Zarion Johnson. Other world champion black belt complete martial artists, kids, and teens are featured in the film. A dynamic cast of talent tells this impactful story.

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At a crime scene there will always be two people present, the victim and the suspect.

We see these two roles, the attacker (the suspect) and the student (the victim), acted out all the time in martial arts schools throughout the world for learning techniques, practicing tactics, and running through realistic scenarios. However, at a real crime scene there could be three additional people, or groups of people, present. Unfortunately, they are often omitted during self-defense training. These other people are persons of interest, witnesses, and involved.

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The world is a dangerous place.

But you already know that. As a martial artist, you probably enjoy the physical fitness, the challenge and the camaraderie that is found in training martial arts. And beyond these benefits, you know that you will have a greater chance of preventing and escaping violence should it ever rear its ugly head. What else can you do to improve your odds of surviving a violent encounter? Well, some martial artists carry weapons; from tactical pens to pepper spray, from knives to firearms. Many responsible citizens equip themselves with weapons that fall inside the scope of their local laws.

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The Transportation Security Administration has announced they will be resuming self defense training for airline flight attendants and pilots in the face of surging violence taking place on planes. Since the beginning of the year, according to The Federal Aviation Administration, there have been more than 3000 reports of unruly passengers on flights.

Self defense training for flight crews had been instituted after lobbying by flight attendant unions in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist hijackings. The four hour Crew Member Self-Defense course, taught by Federal Air Marshals, was halted last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however. The course is now set to resume in early July. But while Congress had originally mandated the training, as airlines balked at the cost the program became a voluntary one and only a small percentage of flight attendants are reported to participate.