Self Defense
Self-Defense Readiness Test

Preparation is no guarantee of survival, but few doubt that the odds of prevailing in any stressful situation increase for the prepared person.

Recall the words of Louis Pasteur: "Chance favors the prepared mind."

I agree with that quote, but when it comes to martial arts, I think it's only part of the picture. Here's an example of what I mean:

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Keyboard Warriors

Because of the pandemic, a plethora of videos have been made available for people who wish to continue their training while in lockdown or near lockdown. This is a great thing for all practicing martial artists because everyone suddenly has access to notable fighters and trainers who were previously unavailable to the masses.

You'd think that the response would be equally great and grateful by members of the public who are seeking to better their skills. But you would be wrong. Instead, average Joe's with nothing more than an opinionated keyboard wade in to critique, criticize, malign and impugn well-known and accomplished fighters, coaches and instructors.

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Karate Training Saves Realtor’s Life

Real estate agent Lenora Farrington was attacked during an open-house showing in Bedford, Virginia, and her friends say it was only her "knowledge of self-defense" and her karate training that allowed her to survive. According to police, a man — who has since been charged with multiple crimes, including assault and attempted rape — took a tour of the house, left when someone else arrived and returned later with a crescent wrench, which he allegedly used to attack Farrington.

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Throwing weapons
From the dawn of time, men have been throwing various objects from their environment with the aim to hit a certain small animal or a fruit from high and unreachable branches. These first object were surely made out of stone, bone or wood and were thrown solely using the force of arm muscles. So, in the beginning of the Stone Age period, man used stone in order to strike a certain target which, very soon, became another, hostile human being. This is how man quickly started to use various throwing objects with the purpose of hitting, disabling or even killing his enemy.
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