VFT Ladies Night
Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

On February 26th, Jessie Wray's Virtual Fight Tour returned for its twelfth promotion on the UventexTV pay-per-view platform. Each VFT has something that makes it special, and this one was all about highlighting some amazing female sport martial artists of the past, present, and future. In addition to the seventeen fighters that participated in a total of nine bouts through the evening, the entire judging and commentating teams consisted of notable female fighters. Regena Thompson, Norene Price, and Dee Everett were on the microphones while Gina Thornton, Raquel Binns, Faith Vieira, and Tessa Gordon officiated the action. There was also a performance by up-and-coming women's weapons competitor Erin Smith, who opened the show with her bo routine for VFT's first in-person guest performance.

If you missed the live broadcast and think this sounds like some awesome sport karate action, be sure to tune in for the rebroadcast this Sunday, March 13th once again on UventexTV. Click here to check out the event and purchase access for only $10! That is a steal for this amount of sport karate content.

Need to know how it all went down this instant? Keep reading for the final scores and highlights from the event.

Tahirah Abdul-Qadir def. Autumn Blommer (FINAL: 30-9)

Tahirah Abdul Qadir

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

The evening started off with a bang as two respected junior fighters entered the cage. Team Straight Up's Autumn Blommer kept the match close in the opening round, but Tahirah Abdul-Qadir blasted her with a punch in round two that completely shifted the momentum of the bout. Abdul-Qadir dominated from that point forward, culminating in an impressive 21-point victory.

Audriana Medrano def. Adrisa Furbert (FINAL: 16-10)

Audriana Medrano

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

As you can see from the tale of the tape above, the second match of the evening featured two young dynamos. Team Next Level's Adrisa Furbert took an early lead with her side kick and blitz fundamentals. Furbert remained aggressive in round two, but Audriana Medrano of Team Gipsy has been competing longer and used her experience to weather the storm. Medrano stayed patient and stacked up her points one-at-a-time until a mixed attack of kicks and punches led her to victory.

Lynne DeGroot def. Jasmine Peterson (FINAL: 19-10)

Lynne DeGroot

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

Lynne DeGroot, coming out of the Gorham family's camp, showed great poise and used her go-to reverse punch to control each round against Team Straight Up's Jasmine Peterson. Peterson hails from Joe Pina's legendary Boston Tae Kwon Do, which has a storied history of producing high-caliber point fighters. The TKD roots were evident in Peterson as she attacked with powerful kicks, but her endurance dwindled in the late rounds and DeGroot was able to take advantage.

Sabiha Sabreen def. Breonna Tuitt (FINAL: 33-19)

Sabiha Sabreen

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

Breonna Tuitt and Sabiha Sabreen looked pretty even through the first round, but Sabreen made key defensive adjustments in the second and third frames that produced a ton of offense. As Tuitt continued to attack in a straight line, Sabreen responded with angles and counter-striking. Sabreen was extremely consistent in this approach and amassed a staggering 33 points, tying the Virtual Fight Tour scoring record that was originally set by Anthony Merricks in his bout against Ben Stewart at VFT V.

Kianna Bonilla def. Serafina Fish (FINAL: 13-11)

Kianna Bonilla

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

Team KTOC's Serafina Fish and Team Gipsy's Kianna Bonilla may have given us the fight of the night. Fish took an early lead and was able to maintain it for most of the fight by maintaining proper spacing and working her side kick. Bonilla kept the fight close throughout and picked her spots carefully with an explosive blitz, ultimately striking when the time was right to steal the lead from Fish in the final round. Fish was forced to push in an attempt to tie the match or regain the lead, but Bonilla finished with strong defense and came out on top.

Avery Sutter def. Autumn Blommer (FINAL: 16-9)

Avery Sutter

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

Due to another fighter dropping out and Autumn Blommer stepping up, she became the first-ever fighter to compete in two complete three-round VFT fights on the same card. That is an incredible feat of endurance and she deserves a shoutout for that regardless of the outcome. However, it was evident that she had lost a step from her difficult first matchup against Abdul-Qadir. Avery Sutter, another Gorham family product like Lynee DeGroot, demonstrated great ring awareness by using her movement to set up scoring opportunities and timing her strikes very well. Although Blommer was able to keep this match closer than her first, Sutter was able to control the fight and take home a win.

Miranda Depierne def. Emma Cullinan (FINAL: 27-15)

Miranda Depierne

Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

Miranda Depierne was very impressive in this bout against prior VFT winner Emma Cullinan. Depierne used her length and power to land hard shots on Cullinan early and often. This threw Cullinan off her game and allowed Depierne to really take control in the second and third rounds. Despite being two years younger, Depierne executed a solid gameplan and earned the win over a great fighter in Cullinan.

Nicole Paris def. Dani Auberger (FINAL: 23-13)

Nicole Paris

Analyzing the tale of the tape above, we see that Nicole Paris (known by many sport karate fans by her nickname and maiden name Nikki Pelland) was the veteran coming into this matchup. The Team Straight Up fighter was able to stick with her consistent strategy of taking whatever the opponent gave her and capitalizing on those opportunities. Dani Auberger had clearly trained hard for the bout and stayed on the offensive, but Paris was a bit savvier and made Auberger pay when she overextended, leading to victory by a ten-point margin.

Katiuska Sánchez def. Alyssa Guillen (FINAL: 12-9)

The main event (pictured at the top of the article) saw the highly-anticipated return of Alyssa Guillen, who turned heads back at VFT III in Texas by hanging with the legendary Regena Thompson and even held a lead when the fight had to be stopped due to injury. Her opponent was the newly-formed Team Diamond's Katiuska Sánchez, known to be a solid kicker. Sánchez used her kicking skills to conserve energy until Guillen threatened her space, a great strategy for a three-round VFT match in the cage. Guillen still showed off explosive takeoffs coupled with high-level fakes and movement, but Sánchez was able to keep the fight close with the sniper-like precision of her kicks. In the final moments, Guillen somewhat abandoned the movement and fakes that had given her the lead. She tried to attack once again but ran into a head kick from Sánchez that put the nail in the coffin of a very close fight.

Remember, if you want to see all this action for yourself, tune in on Sunday, March 13th by clicking this link to check out the official rebroadcast for only $10. Stay tuned to Black Belt Magazine for more news and updates about Virtual Fight Tour and the world of sport karate.

Special thanks to Jessie Wray for providing analysis that made this article possible.

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Photo Courtesy: Virtual Fight Tour

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