Bruce Lee’s “10,000 Kicks” Challenge – Complete 10,000 Kicks in 10 Days

2021 Update!

The Power of the Martial Spirit = Master Yourself so You Can Be of Service to the World.
For millions of Americans, hungry kids are their reality. Not enough money to buy groceries. Not enough food to last until the next paycheck.

Black Belt Magazine, The Bruce Lee Foundation, and Sifu Harinder Singh are calling all Martial Artists and School Owners to come together to Kick Off the New Year and unite to Kick Hunger Away. Let’s make #10000KICKS go viral.

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Bill Wallace punching an opponent in the face at the Martial Arts SuperShow

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace at the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow

Bill Wallace analyzes the "Little Dragon."

There will always be speculation about what would have happened if Bruce Lee had lived longer than he did. People wonder if he would have remained so popular. I believe he would have gone on to do several more movies and possibly some television work similar to what other top martial arts stars did. Bruce Lee would have remained well-known and endured as the icon of the martial arts world.

Part of what made Bruce Lee the legend that he has become is the fact that he died early. Much like actor James Dean, who only did three movies but became a legend and a cult hero after his death, Lee did only a few movies. Both Bruce Lee and James Dean were very popular when they were alive, though, and I think Lee would have remained popular for a long time if he had wished to do so.

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Bruce Lee and Flexibility / Aleksea

Stretching has a time and place. The research today indicates that stretching is not best for all sports. For instance, it shows that static stretching diminishes a muscles' springiness contributing to a decrease in your speed and explosiveness when running, sprinting, and jumping. On the other hand, Bruce Lee said that flexibility is essential for a martial artist. It is definitely required for kicking. With that being said, let's understand Bruce Lee's flexibility routine and his five important reasons it is essential to be a part of your routine

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Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon / Enter the Dragon/ Warner Bros.
Bruce Lee really did have the Midas touch when it came to training. Most people think Bruce was advanced and complicated, but he was the master of simplicity. He was not worried about doing the jump-up flip spin-around back kick. Not sure if there is one. But by the time you land, Bruce would just throw a simple kick or punch to knock you down as you landed to the ground. However, that is the point. Simplicity is often overlooked because of the coolness and the latest and greatest workout when simplicity produces the most significant effect. Super complicated does not mean superior. This is actually reverse in fact. We see super complex exercises that don’t need to be. Truthfully, if an exercise or method is not straightforward in its approach, then it probably is not good.
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