Sam Combes Aikido DVD Trailer

In this five-volume traditional martial arts DVD series, Sam Combes sensei—a retired police officer who holds a sixth-dan black belt from the Yoshinkai Aiki-do Institute in Japan—teaches aikido kata, self-defense and weapons techniques, which form the cornerstone of this highly effective ancient art. Volume 1 includes aikido's basic stances, proper falling, vital drills and techniques. Exercises to make your body supple, kihon, ki and the "Internal Spiritual Power" are also covered in this video. Volume 2 covers advanced exercises, footwork to improve agility, key elements and techniques. Examples of internal spiritual power are also covered in this video. Volume 3 covers advanced stances and footwork, apprehension and restraining of an opponent, self-defense techniques and exercises to improve muscle control. Volume 4 includes more self-defense techniques, including chokes and defense against face attacks. Happo giri, jushichi no jo (short staff) kata and application of jo kata (with and without the staff) are also covered in this video. Volume 5 covers bokken stances and drills, weapons defense, advanced self-defense and advanced aikido techniques.

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