All-time great muay Thai fighter Saenchai revealed via social media that he's been hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus posting photos of himself lying in a hospital bed. Saenchai, 40, was scheduled to fight Sunday in Thailand against Luca Lassalle but began feeling symptoms a week ago. He was tested for COVID on Thursday and the test came back positive on Friday.

Posting on Instagram, he announced, "I'm Saenchai. I'm positive to Covid 19. I'm sorry to everyone who is close to me. And sorry that I didn't fight this coming Sunday." He later revealed he had to rely on friends to find him a hospital as all the beds were full. The coronavirus pandemic has been surging at a record pace in Thailand recently with more than 2,400 new cases and 11 deaths being reported on Sunday.

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When The Fast and the Furious (2001) sped into the psyche's of illegal street racing enthusiasts, with a penchant for danger and the psychotic insanity of arrant automotive adventure, the brusque bearish, quasi-hero rebel, Dominic "Dom" Toretto was caustic yet salvationally portrayed with the power of a train using a Vin Diesel engine.

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From the modernization of life and especially from Covid- 19, mental health issues are rising quickly. Today, people are significantly turning and looking for more mental health support. We need to find effective outlets and solutions to stop matters from worsening and improve wellbeing.
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Motivation lies at the heart of success, whether you are a student or a teacher. Excellence comes from our habits, yet we must be motivated enough to take that first step towards progress and to stay disciplined in our pursuit of perfection thereafter.

The problem is, motivation can be such a finicky thing!

Many will say that you don't need motivation, you simply need discipline and habitual action. "Keep a steadfast mind and you will be good to go for your entire martial arts career", or so we're told.

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