Top Free Agent Roberto Soldic Signs With ONE Championship

Roberto Soldic

Robocop will soon be patrolling the ONE Championship Circle.

KSW Welterweight and Middleweight World Champion Roberto Soldic, considered by many to be the top free agent in mixed martial arts, announced that he had signed with ONE on The MMA Hour.

A driving force behind the decision to join ONE was the ability to craft a legacy in the whole of martial arts.

“I chose ONE [Championship] because it’s the biggest [platform] for martial arts in the world. They give me the opportunity to take all the belts, kickboxing world champion, Muay Thai world champion, MMA world champion, and also boxing world champion… This is something new I want to create something for my people — my whole legacy,” Soldic told Ariel Helwani.

The Croatian will move to the global stage with a 20-3 professional record and a host of impressive finishes under his belt.

Every martial arts promotion coveted Soldic. However, the two-division titleholder saw how others who made the change to ONE fared and wanted the more difficult challenge to attack.

“You know what happens to UFC stars when they go to ONE. They lose. They cannot take the ONE belt,” said Soldic.

“So this makes me want to be a different fighter. I want to try and take this belt where UFC fighters failed. They don’t show up there. When I watched the live ONE show, I see a different striking game, grappling game.”

Soldic embraces the martial arts mantra, which has made him a perfect fit for ONE. After exhausting his opportunities and checking out live events of other organizations, he felt most at home with ONE.

The flexibility to move to other sports and chase greatness drives him forward, but only time will tell if he can accomplish something nobody has yet to do.

“I also went to many UFC events, and ONE is something special, something different, true martial arts,” Soldic said.

“So I want to try this organization, and I will try to take all the belts because, before KSW, I had four boxing fights. I had a lot of fun in boxing and then to go MMA, I do everything, then after this KSW said we maybe do boxing. We have one Polish champion, and it took so long, so nothing happened. Only Mr. Chatri gave me this opportunity to be a true champion in martial arts.”

There has been no date set for Soldic’s ONE debut.

Wszystkie nokauty Roberto Soldicia w KSW | KSW 65

Roberto Soldić wygrał do tej pory w KSW siedem pojedynków i sześciokrotnie nokautował przeciwników. Jeszcze nikt nie zaliczył takiej serii na początku swoich...

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