Martial Artist Captures Alleged Perpetrator of Assault on NYC Street

Ro Malabanan
Photos: Ro Malabanan/Instagram
New York City has recently experienced a rash of attacks with people walking up to strangers on the street and striking them in the head in unprovoked assaults. But, fortunately, one martial artist was on hand to make sure the most recent assailant did not go free.

Ro Malabanan, a boxing coach and Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under the legendary Marcelo Garcia, said he witnessed a man sucker punch a construction worker in the face on a Manhattan street and then start to walk away. After checking to see if the worker was hurt, Malabanan proceeded to apprehend the alleged attacker.

As Malabanan explained to local NBC news, he jumped on the suspect's back locking his hands up high in a jiu jitsu seat belt position then dragged him to the ground. Video Malabanan posted to his Instagram account show him and two other good Samaritans sitting on the suspect pinning him face down until police arrived to take him into custody. Malabanan can be heard chiding the man not to punch people in the face for no reason.

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