Putin's Judo Sparring Partners Hit With International Sanctions

With Russia poised to invade the neighboring country of Ukraine, several judo partners of Russian President Vladimir Putin, are facing the consequences internationally. Amidst reports that the Russian super rich, most close associates of Putin, have lost $32 billion in wealth this year largely due to United States-led government sanctions, now the United Kingdom is imposing further penalties on Putin's wealthy judo pals.

Boris Rotenberg and his nephew Igor Rotenberg have both been hit with sanctions by the UK. Boris and Brother Arkady, listed as vice presidents of the Russian Judo Federation, are described as long-time friends and occasional training partners of the Russian president who's noted for his fondness of the sport. Gennady Timchenko, said to be the sixth richest person in Russia and also sometimes mentioned as a former Putin judo partner, was named in the sanctions as well.

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