Up-and-Comers Shine at WKC Virtual Event

Up-and-Comers Shine at WKC Virtual Event

Up and comers shine at first WKC Virtual League Event of the season

On February 20, 2022, the first WKC Virtual Qualifier of the 2022 season took place using Zoom. Hosted by Richard Plowden, it was the first opportunity for athletes to begin their trek towards the WKC Virtual World Championships and, just maybe, a Virtual World Title at the end of the year.

The WKC has always had a focus on international competition and these virtual events are a perfect way for competitors who would otherwise never be able to be in the same room, to get a chance to test their skills and learn from each other.

For more on the WKC Virtual tour, check out this article highlighting the top three Virtual Tours of 2021.

Last year showcased some phenomenal growth and competition in the WKC Virtual Tour and the World Championships were an example of martial arts excellence and international camaraderie. We saw some of our old friends in the new season, but there were also some new faces to the scene.

In our Underbelt divisions, Audrey Peters was looking strong and focused in the 9-10 advanced divisions. She was showcasing some powerful techniques and making waves. She’ll be one to follow for sure in the upcoming months.

In the 10 & Under Black Belt Youth, Tejas Rai was a powerhouse in the Boys’ divisions while Madelyn Wiersma made huge waves over in the Girls’ divisions. Both athletes demonstrated clean skills and dynamic forms that were clean, crisp, and powerful. We’re always thrilled to see such talent at a young age, and both Rai and Wiersma demonstrated that the Sport Karate future is bright indeed.

Madelyn Wiersma in action!scontent-msp1-1.xx.fbcdn.net

We had a few newer faces in the adult divisions as well. in the 42 and over Black Belt Womens’ Division Joy Wightman demonstrated Chinese, traditional Japanese, and a great spear form throughout the course of the morning. She exhibited power, solid technique, and a refreshing intensity that was wonderful to see. Wightman is one to watch this upcoming season!

Grace Goodfellow made her debut onto the Adult stage this year and was able to bring a solid performance to each division she participated in. She is a long time competitor on Team AKA, and has been doing well in the Youth Divisions for years, but it was great to see her step into the adult divisions and hit it with the same level of intensity we have come to expect from her.


Grace Goodfellow (Center) at the 2021 WKC World Championships in Orlando, Florida

As we move through the season, we’ll be giving all of these athletes and other up and comers lots of props and love. Let’s help the sport grow by supporting not just our stars, but also the people working on coming into the scene.

To all the competitors in the Plowden’s Virtual WKC WOrld Qualifier, Congratulations!

The next WKC event is the Morales WKC Virtual Qualifier on March 13th. We’re looking forward to seeing these competitors, and many others, continue their quest for the title of World Champion.

The next weekend we have the 3rd Annual Quarantine Qualifier kicking off the beginning of the SMA Virtual Tour and showcasing a whole NEW sea of faces and names that we will be bringing to your attention.

If you are interested in trying Virtual Competition out, there’s no time like the present. Click any of the links or visit us at www.mataction.com and jump in!

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